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Professional Business Logos

Company Logos - Ready for use on your business cards, letterheads, compliment slips or other stationery requirements and in digital on-screen format for web sites and multimedia use. We use traditional artwork skills and the latest vector graphic and 3D rendering software to develop unique, elegant and innovative logo designs.

Business Logos

We provide company logos design and corporate identity services for all types and sizes of business and organisations. We create logos with the right style for your business/industry sector, giving your company a strong visual identity.

Company Logos - Whether you are the owner of a new business or a marketing manager for a large corporation we can create a unique, attractive, and professional looking logo for your visual identity.

Design and creation of 2D or 3D logos for your business can be supplied in most formats though this is dependent on requested image format type (bitmap or vector). We can also update an existing company logo by digitally enhancing it, replacing font and/or graphic style, or even turn it into a 3D model which can be rotated and rendered at any angle.

Professional Logo Design Service


Custom Logos ready within 48 hours

Logos created in scaleable vector format

Vector Logos use Pantone colour references

EPS format supplied for print use

Gif / Jpeg format supplied for web use


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Design Samples:

The following sample logos are available to purchase.
How would they look with your company name on them?

Logo Designer
Vector Graphic Logo > LOGO AVAILABLE

Company Logo Design
Vector Graphic Logo > LOGO AVAILABLE

Logo Corporate
Vector Graphic Logo > LOGO AVAILABLE

Nature Source Logo
Vector Graphic Logo > LOGO AVAILABLE

Logo Corporate
Vector Graphic Logo > LOGO AVAILABLE

Logo Corporate
Vector Graphic Logo > LOGO AVAILABLE

Architectia Logo

Please note; most logos are created using Pantone references which may look a different colour on-screen to varying degrees compared to actual printed versions as most monitors are not colour calibrated. Viewing anything over several monitors will show colour variations depending on each specific monitor's colour temperature and brightness/contrast settings.



Digital Image Formats

JPEG / GIF (Web Optimised)
The design scaled to your requirements. These 72 dpi images are optimised for the fine balance between maximum image quality and minimum file size for optimum download times. These can be used in Web Sites, Powerpoint, Multimedia and e-mail projects etc.

TIFF / BMP (Bitmap)
A file holding the colour/brightness values of each pixel from a matrix of coloured dots. A bitmap image is only good for printing up to the size it was originally created for.

FREEHAND MX / EPS (Vector Graphics)
Vector graphics can be printed in high quality and high resolution for any size of print project without loss of image quality due to the file data being mathematical instructions, rather than a bitmap.

Steve Mackins


Tip: If you want to use EPS files in Photoshop, do not 'load' or 'import' the EPS file, use the 'place' command from the 'File' dropdown menu.


3D Modelled and Rendered Logos

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