Gutters, Soffits, Facias and Barge Boards Cumbria - Roofers Cumbria

Gutters, Soffits, Facias and Barge Boards Cumbria - Roofers Cumbria

Gutters, Soffits, Facias and Barge Boards Cumbria - Roofers Cumbria are specialists in Roofline Products; Fascia Boards - Soffits - Rainwater Goods - Barge Boards and Cladding Profiles all supplied and professionally installed for our domestic and commercial clients.


Roofline Installation Services

With countless Roofline Installations already completed, we have extensive experience and are significantly better equipped than any company to offer expert advice on Roofline problems. We can supply and install Bargeboards, Fascia Boards, Soffits, Rainwater Goods and Cladding Profiles.

Most of our Work is Complete Replacement, this means complete removal of the old profiles (Asbestos, Timber and Ply) and replacing them with uPVC Maintenance Free Products to give property owners complete satisfaction.

PVC Fascias

After years of constantly changing weather cycles, Fascia boards on your property can rot and degrade resulting in the need for constant maintenance. This need for maintenance can be totally stopped, simply by replacing the old ones with top quality uPVC products.

Barge Boards

Barge boards are sited at the highest points of a property, and therefore, very difficult to keep maintained. By replacing the old ones with uPVC bargeboards, you can free yourself of the recurring maintenance normally required on them.


We supply and install uPVC cladding in numerous colours and designs to suit your peronal requirements. Another ideal product to drastically reduce maintenance required on a property.

Rainwater Goods

Properties have numerous types of guttering systems, most of which can cause problems (usually leakage). We are able to eliminate these problems by installing our high quality uPVC Guttering and Downpipes. These can be provided in squareline or roundline. The are available in several colours including white, black ash and brown etc.

Fascia Boards

We can also replace your old Facia Boards with high quality uPVC versions. These are available in a range of colours to suit your personal preference and property style, select from; white, black, mahogany, ash, rosewood and golden oak etc.


Soffits are the boards fiited to the underside of the roofline and after years of constant weather changes they can gradually deteriorate resulting in the need for expensive maintenance. We advise clients that it is best to replace them at the same time as Fascia Boards, in PVCu of course, which facilitates a completely maintenance free roofline on your property.


UPVC Roofline Guttering Fascias Lancs


Expert Roofing Advice

We are specialists on the unique requirements of Social Housing and Listed Buildings We can provide a comprehensive estimation service with full technical advice and support.

All Roofline Installations and Repairs work will be carried out to the highest quality and completed on time using our specialist tools, premium quality materials and our professional craftsmen - giving you peace of mind that the work done on your property will been carried out to the very highest standards by our skilled and experienced staff.


Gutters, Soffits, Facias and Barge Boards Cumbria  - Roofers Cumbria
Roofline Installations
Gutters, Soffits, Facias and Barge Boards Cumbria  - Roofers Cumbria
Roofline Repairs


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All New Roofline and Repairs work would be accomplished to a very high standard of quality, and finished within a reasonable timescale, using our specialist tools, superb quality materials, and specialised workers. You can be certain that all work carried out on your home will been done to the highest level of quality.

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Gutters, Soffits, Facias and Barge Boards Cumbria  - Roofers Cumbria Storm Damage Roofing Repairs Building Repairs