New Slate Roofs Cumbria - Roofers Cumbria

New Slate Roofs Cumbria - Roofers Cumbria

New Slate Roofs Cumbria - Roofers Cumbria. Looking for a New Slate Roof for a property in Cumbria?

K Doyle - Roofers (Cumbria) have been providing professional roof construction services in Cumbria for years. We are highly experienced at installing most types of roofs including New Slate Roofs. We can install Natural Slate or Synthetic Slates such as Cembrit Newland or Marley Eternit Fibre Cement Slates.

We can often remove the old slates then carefully sort and recycle them together with second hand slates from a salvage specialist to keep the original feel and character of your property.

If you prefer your new Slate Roof to be of Natural Slate there are several options available. Natural Canadian Slate from Cembrit-Blunn are very high quality and look almost identical to Welsh Slate, though only a fraction of the cost. A New Roof of Synthetic Slate installed by Roofers Cumbria is possible on property where the roof structure was built to take the weight of traditional slates, and cost considerably less than Natural Slates.


Our work procedure for New Slate Roofs:

  • Organise professional erection of scaffolding
  • De-Nailing the old roof joists
  • Chase out the chimney stack to one inch depth, insertion of wedges and pointing new flashing and dressing
  • Strip down the existing roof materials
  • Slating new roof with natural slates or synthetic tiles
  • Batten the roof with 2" x 1" treated timber lathes
  • Carry away all waste materials
  • Felt the roof with top quality breathable roofing material
  • Half-Round roof ridge tiles installed and bedded in mortar
  • Take down and remove scaffolding on job completion


Our target is to provide you with the best possible roofing solutions which will both enhances the look of your home, and protect it, from the elements.

We are fully insured and are would be pleased to provide you with a free fixed price quotation for any roof construction job you may currently be considering. Our advice and service is sound and reliable. In addition to roof construction we also provide a wide number of other roofing services including roof repairs and guttering services. For more information on any of our services and for a free fixed quote please Call 01900 385012.


New Slate Roofs Cumbria - Roofers Cumbria
New Slate Roofs
New Slate Roofs Cumbria - Roofers Cumbria
Slate Roof Repairs


K Doyle - Roofers Cumbria - Building Contractors Cumbria.

Call: 01900 385012

All New Slate Roofs and Repairs jobs will be carried out to very high quality and finished within a reasonable timescale, using our specialist tools, superb quality materials, and specialised workers. You can be absolutely sure that any work carried out on your property will been done to professional standards.


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