New Tiled Roofs Cumbria - Roofers Cumbria

New Tiled Roofs Cumbria - Roofers Cumbria

K Doyle Roofing, Building and Paving are very experienced in the installation of New Tiled Roofs. We take into account the specific requirements of listed buildings and Social Housing. We offer a comprehensive estimation service with full technical advice and support. Call: 01900 385012


Our work procedure for New Tiled Roofs:

    • Denailing of the old roof joists.
    • Chasing out the chimney stack to one inch depth, insertion of wedges and pointing new 6 inch flashing and dressing.
    • Stripping down the existing roofing materials.
    • Half round roof ridge tiles installed to match chosen tiles bedded in mortar.
    • Felting the roof with high quality breathable roofing material.
    • Take down and remove scaffolding.
    • Battening the roof with 2" x 1" treated roofing battens.
    • Supplying and erecting scaffolding in compliance with current health and safety at work regulations.
    • Carry away all waste materials.
    • Tiling the new roof with Marley Eternit/Redland roofing tiles.

All Tiled Roofs work will be carried out to the highest quality and completed on time using our specialist tools, premium quality materials and our experienced tradesmen. This will give you peace of mind that work we do on your property will have been done to the very highest standards by our skilled and experienced staff.


New Tiled Roofs Cumbria - Roofers Cumbria
New Tiled Roofs Cumbria - Roofers Cumbria


What we do:

  • Slate Roofs – Scotch & Welsh
  • Tiled Roofs – concrete and clay tiles
  • Flat Roofs - felting
  • Pitched Roofs – flat to pitch
  • Annual Roof Maintenance
  • Lead Work – All types

We also offer:

  • Flat roof Tapered insulation systems
  • Parapet capping & coping systems
  • Roof light installations
  • Slate roof repairs
  • Facia and soffit replacements
  • Chimney reconstruction
  • Lead work repairs


Roofers Cumbria - Professional Roofing Contractors Cumbria.

Call: 01900 385012

All New Tile Roofs and Repairs work would be done to a high quality and completed within a reasonable timescale, using our specialist equipment, great quality materials, and specialist tradesmen. You can have total peace of mind that any work carried out on your house will been done to the highest level of quality.

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