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Artwork & Photography Prints

Braithwaite Valley Herdy

Mixed-Media Herdy Art, High Spy, Waberthwaite, Lakeland Sheep, Herdwick Sheep Oil Pastels, Tallentire, Hayton (Aspatria), Vickerstown, Blackford, Herdy Ewe, Allithwaite, Crinkle Crags, Herdwick Sheep Prints, Wythburn, Ullock Pike, Penrith, Grey Crag, Brigflatts, White Side, Low Newton, Colton, Seat Sandal, Red Pike (Buttermere), Herdwick Sheep, Herdies, Raise, Herdwick Art Studio, Green Crag, Herdy, Holme Fell, Clough Head, Steel Knotts,  Lake District, Cumbria.

Brandelhow Herdy

Catbells, Silloth, Whin Rigg, Herdies, Herdwick Sheep Art, Bigrigg, Branthwaite (Workington), Herdwick Sheep, Wandope, Watendlath, Place Fell, Herdwick Art Studio, Herdy Sketches, Herdy, Herdwick, Great Carrs, High Tove, Stainton With Adgarley, Great Calva, Skiddaw, Herdy Art, Castle Carrock, Great Dodd, Biggar, Great Gable,  Lake District, Cumbria.

Brandreth Farm Herdwick Sheep

Lakeland Sheep, Herdy Sketches, Sour Howes, Crosby (Maryport), Catterlen, Herdy Art, Fairfield, Red Screes, Herdy Company, Little Asby, Fleetwith Pike, Herdwick Sheep Acrylic Painting, Herdwick, Bromfield, Herdwick Sheep Oil Pastels, Skelwith Bridge, Herdwick Art Studio, Rest Dodd, High Pike (Caldbeck), Herdy, Arkleby, Crosby Garrett, Thurstonfield, Herdy Ewe, Dent, Wythburn, Parsonby, Greysouthen, Dove Crag,  Lake District, Cumbria.

Branstree Farm Herdy

Herdy Sketch, Herdy Sketches, Appleby-in-Westmorland, Herdwick Sheep Oil Painting, Barrows Green, Grey Friar, Herdy Ewe, Low Hesket, Herdwick Sheep, Little Langdale, Binsey, Elterwater, Herdy, Ainstable, Great Cockup, Holme, Raven Crag, Muncaster Fell, Ambleside, High Pike (Caldbeck), Herdy Art, Herdies, Herdwick Sheep Acrylic Painting, Grayrigg Forest, Herdwick Sheep Prints, Herdwick Drawings, Nateby, Herdwick, Garrigill, Hesket Newmarket,  Lake District, Cumbria.

Branstree Farm Herdy

Lakeland Sheep, Herdy Company, Base Brown, Herdwick Sheep Oil Painting, Herdwick Drawings, Herdwick Sheep Oil Painting, Talkin, Sail, Herdwick Artwork, Yoke, Arnison Crag, Raven Crag, Longlands, Milburn, Herdwick Art Studio, Buckbarrow, Herdy, Mungrisdale Common, Warwick-on-Eden, Herdy Ewe, Natland, Haystacks, Seathwaite Fell, Moresby, Steel Knotts, Bootle, Herdies, Herdwick Sheep Acrylic Painting, Plumbland, Banks, Gilsland, Seaton, Carrock Fell,  Lake District, Cumbria.

Branstree Farm Lake district Sheep

Herdy Sketch, Little Mell Fell, Stybarrow Dodd, Herdies, Swinside, Elterwater, Herdy Sketches, Grayrigg Forest, Low Pike, Bowscale Fell, Hartley, Herdwick Sheep Art, Buckbarrow, Welton, Hensingham, Herdwick Artwork, Mixed-Media Herdy Art, Blencow, Cumdivock, Kirkby Stephen, Wansfell, Herdwick Sheep Sketch, Herdwick Sheep Oil Pastels, Branstree, Kirk Fell, Herdwick Sheep Oil Painting, Steel Knotts, Orton, Meal Bank, Herdwick Sheep Prints, Penrith, High Street, Backbarrow,  Lake District, Cumbria.

Branstree Field Herdwick Sheep

Blawith, Herdwick, Herdy Sketch, Crag Fell, Herdwick Sheep Oil Pastels, Ling Fell, Whiteless Pike, Torpenhow, Herdwick Sheep Prints, Silver How, Parton, Harrison Stickle, Little Hart Crag, Herdwick Art Studio, Flookburgh, Broughton, Mungrisdale Common, Herdies, Sheffield Pike, Herdy Company, Lamplugh, Crinkle Crags, Blea Rigg, Anthorn, Camerton, Herdwick Sheep Oil Painting, Starling Dodd,  Lake District, Cumbria.

Branstree Herdy Ewe

Herdy Sketches, Cold Pike, Raise, Wiggonby, Brown Pike, Beaumont, Orthwaite, Kearstwick, Hesket Newmarket, Herdy Sketch, Herdwick Sheep Oil Pastels, Herdwick Drawings, Herdwick Sheep, Fleetwith Pike, Harter Fell, Mardale, Herdwick, Herdwick Sheep Oil Painting, Threlkeld, Lakeland Sheep, Barf, Herdwick Artwork, Ireby, Herdwick Sheep Prints, Eamont Bridge, Seathwaite (Duddon Valley), Herdwick Art Studio, Haystacks, Great Broughton, High Seat, Pavey Ark,  Lake District, Cumbria.

Branstree Lake district Sheep

Herdy Art, Hallin Fell, Grey Friar, Herdwick Sheep Prints, Cleator Moor, Mixed-Media Herdy Art, Lonscale Fell, Endmoor, Loft Crag, Lingmoor Fell, Grey Crag, Whitbeck, Herdwick Sheep Art, Ainstable, Barrows Green, Herdy Ewe, Hard Knott, Ard Crags, Applethwaite, Herdwick Sheep, Herdwick Sheep Oil Painting, Herdwick Sheep Oil Pastels, Burnbank Fell, Seathwaite (Borrowdale), Urswick Great and Little, Herdy Sketches, Herdy Sketch,  Lake District, Cumbria.

Branstree Valley Herdy

Herdwick Artwork, Rannerdale Knotts, Rowrah, Kirkcambeck, Herdwick Sheep Prints, Herdwick Sheep Acrylic Painting, High Pike (Scandale), Glenridding, Pooley Bridge, Arnside, Grey Friar, Gilsland, Garsdale, Herdy Sketches, Herdy Art, Grayrigg Forest, Place Fell, Herdwick Sheep Oil Painting, Grey Knotts, Cotehill, Herdwick Sheep, Herdies, Kidsty Pike, Robinson, Brough,  Lake District, Cumbria.

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