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UK Wide Welding Services

Shane Taylor Welders Ltd ~ Specialists in Welding, Fabrication & Mechanical Services throughout Cumbria and across the UK with experience in working on highly regulated sites in industrial, construction, demolition & marine situations Shane Taylor Welding Ltd offer a wide range of Welding, Fabrication & Mechanical Services to assist all businesses regardless of size. We are able to take on all jobs with the confidence that our highly skilled workforce will come up with a solution to your requirements.

We are based in West Cumbria, but are equipped to undertake contracts across the UK.

Our services are extensive and cover general fabrication work to more specialist site services including: Oil Refineries – Tank plating and repairs, pipeline installation and refurbishment aerobic digestion plants – Digestate, hot water and Biogas pipework in stainless steel, mild steel and MDPE fusion bonded pipework including pump pipework and ancillary components installation, pipework pressure testing, NDT testing as required. Factory maintenance.

Combined Heat and Power engine installations – Steam pipework, gas pipework (Biogas and natural gas) & chemical pipework. Fabrication and erection of portal buildings and other fabricated assemblies. Power station welding, our welders are certified for Power station work. Heating and ventilation systems – installation and refurbishment.

Outlined below is a scope of some of the works that we carry out. This list is not exhaustive, so if you have a specific requirement that is not covered below, then please do get in touch to see if we can accommodate your requirements.

Specialist Welders Services UK
Specialist Welders Services UK